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Lombok Biking Tour provide you with half day Biking Tour below :

LOMBOK BIKING TOUR is provide fun tour to discover Lombok island with our bike to great destination with rice field view, forest, hill and beach. Our destination is Sekotong / South of Lombok, Lingsar rice field, Pusuk / Monkey Forest and Pengsong hill. Details tours are below:

Biking Tour to Sekotong / South of Lombok :
- We will drive you to Sekotong peninsula from senggigi were you will begin your cycling journey.
- The landscape is rugged sand.
- Most of the beaches on the way are pure white sand.
- You will spend about 5 hours or maybe more.( Please, see the Map of the Route )

Biking Tour to Lingsar / Waktu Telu :
Lingsar is a unique and sacred temple of two belief. Hindus and Moslem watu telu who worship together in one place for their own believe.It is built around 1714.Every November or December, Pujawali dan Perang Ketupat ceremonies are held, carried out together between the hindus followers and the sasak ethnic group expressing their thanks to God who has given them well being.
You will ride around the villages and rice terrace fields which are you will never forget about the people who are so friendly while they work. ( Please, see the Map of the Route )

Biking Tour to Pusuk Forest :
- You will start in the rain forest at 500 meters above sea level.
- You can see northern sea through green valley with forest and rice fields.
- Groups of wild monkeys will line up on the road waiting for peanuts or fruits.
- You need about 45 minutes. ( Please, see the Map of the Route )

Biking Tour to Pengsong Hill :
There is a pura ( temple ) in the hilly area honored by hindu worshiper. From here you will see beautiful natural scenes, and the harmonious natural lifestyle of the locals. The unforgettable view of farmers holding cars a bag or railing the land, all blended together with Mother nature. Here live families of tame monkeys. The hill was once used bye the Japanese as a hiding place during World war II. ( Please, see the Map of the Route )

Biking Tour to Fisherman Village ( Sunset Biking Tour ) - 2,5 hours

Pick up at Your hotel or Start biking from Senggigi to Tanah Embet Village ( Village of Hindus ), then to Teloke Village where you can see rice field and continue to Hanging Bridge cross small river, take Gondola around one hours to Meninting Bridge where you can see giant lizard / crocodile in river, and our biking tour continue to Fisherman village while you can see Sunset in the afternoon goes down to Agung Mountain in Bali.



Note : Others destination, please fell free to asking and contact us again


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